‘Couldn’t have a voice’
Johnny Depp breaks down Amber Heard’s most ‘toxic’ temperament attribute in bombshell court admission
Johnny Depp addresses the foremost painful temperament attribute he had to wear down throughout Amber Heard’s abusive lashings.

Depp created admissions concerning the virulent nature of his relationship with ex-wife Amber detected throughout his second day on the stand.
According to Rolling Stone, he began by revealing, “It may begin with a slap. It may begin with a shove. “It may begin with, you know, throwing a TV remote at my head. It may be throwing a glass of wine in my face. however tired all, it had been simply constant.”

The qactor additionally self-addressed the “parade of insults”

he was forced to endure whenever detected weaponized his past against him.

“I was form of not allowed to be right, not allowed to possess a voice,” he admitted to the jury.

“So at an exact purpose, once that enters your mind is [when] you begin to slowly notice that you just square measure during a relationship together with your mother during a sense, and that i grasp that that sounds perverse and obtuse.”

“But the very fact is a few folks rummage around for weaknesses and sensitivities. And once you’ve told that person your life and what you’ve lived through, what you’ve been through, as happens in relationships, the additional that became ammunition from [Heard] … to either verbally decimate Pine Tree State or to send Pine Tree State into a form of tailspin of confusion and depression.”